We “source” out our kitchen scraps too

Ducks, geese, guineas, dogs, and cat not much escapes our kitchen for the garden. Basically you start with a thick layer of wet cardboard and/or newspaper and then start adding layers. It’s a cold compost—not smelly at all. Here are the main things I use for my garden:

1. Leaves—great time of year to collect them—not many in your yard, check with the neighbors I will NEVER have a shortage.

2. Dust from my vacuum canister (I have a bagless vacuum now)

3. Coop litter from the birds

4. Pine needles—again no shortage here, also called pine straw

5. Grass clippings

6. Peat moss—unfortunately I have to purchase this so very little goes in the garden

7. Soil dug from my woods, pond or sometimes purchased

8. Wood mulch—see Back to Eden gardening http://www.backtoedenfilm.com/

9. When I am short of manure I have friends that are more than willing to let me muck out their barns for them. I try to avoid that opportunity because I’m LAZY!

10. Compost, if I have any. I have also purchased bags of mushroom compost from Lowe’s in the past.

11. Egg shells when my birds don’t eat them—it’s a good source of calcium for my hens.

12. Wood ash—we use wood heat in the winter.

13. Flower pots I’m emptying out—the soil may be tired, but can be rejuvenated by all the rest.

While Lasagna Gardening can be done like square foot gardening they are not the same. Square foot is intensive planting in a set space. Lasagna is layering of materials to create black friable soil for natural organic gardening.