Spent a little extra this week dining out

While we normally will have a fast food lunch on payday Friday’s we went a little overboard this last week dining out.
First there was Veteran’s Day and the free meal for Gary and the Senior Citizen’s meal for me, there went $11. On Friday we had Panda Express for our usual lunch.
Sunday, we were naughty, but had a VERY nice time by eating out for the third time in a week. We met up with Anthea and several of our mutual friends from the NewOkiePioneers, homesteading list and had a wonderful Cantonese meal to celebrate Anthea’s birthday –a very fun dining experience—where we hogged the restaurant for almost 3 hours. So much laughter and fun, it was great. A good way to end Anthea’s birthday week.
Meanwhile at home dh is still on over time and I’m still plugging every penny we aren’t spending dining out on the Best Buy bill, it’s below $1,500 now and sinking fast.
Ds was home for the weekend, but went back today to Calumet, however he may be home as early as tonight because of a lull in the work. The job isn’t finished yet, but ds and the crew have worked faster than those providing the drawings for them to work from so they may have to come and do the drawings themselves and then go back after Thanksgiving. BRRRRR!
Speaking of brrr! Only in Oklahoma… The weekend of the 8th it was near 80, two days later we were having lows in the teens and the days were barely reaching above the freezing mark. Yesterday it was near 80 again, Today it’s suppose to be 65 and the temperatures start going down again. Will Rogers was definitely right when he said “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait 5 minutes, it will change.”
Luckily OK, the heart of tornado alley, was spared all the horrible destruction yesterday. My prayers go out to all that were hit by them and hope that all the missing are found alive and well.
Still plugging along doing deep cleaning on the house, it seems like the more we haul of the more we find to get rid of. At this rate we should be living in an empty house one day. LOL!
I’ve planned my holiday menu and am now watching for good sales on a small turkey. Ds wants turkey this year, so I’ll fix one for the two of us and ham for dh. Then after the holiday probably end up making a lot of turkey jerky for the dogs. They’ll be happy kids.
I of course blogged last week, thanks to all that visited and clicked.