I am in the high desert of Colorado

and know you can compost anywhere (I’ve composted in the Mojave Desert also). I suppose it’s a trade-off on how much effort I want to put into it. We are just so dry that it would take daily watering to get any action going in my barrels. While I could do that, I’m not so inclined since I live in the part of the county called “the dry side”. I do get compost, but it takes a full 18 – 36 months to go from start to finish here. I have three barrels going to with the amount of waste I have between the gardens and the chickens, I think I need five to make it work for me.
As for my six-months comment, as a Master Gardener, that is what I must say. J Any animal waste should be aged or composted for six months due to potential pathogens.