Yes, the pathogen issue. We just attended a workshop on composting and that was a huge issue. To clarify, for plant safety, rabbit poo by itself won’t burn them. But you are correct, in terms of human safety, the current guidelines are six months between application of raw manure and harvest as food. There’s a bit more that goes into that but that’s the general guideline. The current FSMA recommendation is 45 days between application of compost and harvest. While that may not seem like much time, it has folks up in arms because if the composting has been done correctly, all the pathogens would have been destroyed. If it hasn’t been done correctly, it can’t be called compost anyway. There was something of a bru-ha-ha at that workshop on that point; I thought folks were going to come to blows. Rather entertaining to watch, but the underlying politics is completely out of control.