I am in the high desert of Colorado

and know you can compost anywhere (I’ve composted in the Mojave Desert also). I suppose it’s a trade-off on how much effort I want to put into it. We are just so dry that it would take daily watering to get any action going in my barrels. While I could do that, I’m not so inclined since I live in the part of the county called “the dry side”. I do get compost, but it takes a full 18 – 36 months to go from start to finish here. I have three barrels going to with the amount of waste I have between the gardens and the chickens, I think I need five to make it work for me.
As for my six-months comment, as a Master Gardener, that is what I must say. J Any animal waste should be aged or composted for six months due to potential pathogens.

I think where folks are getting mixed up on this

is whether rabbit poo, or the sum total of rabbit waste, is safe to use immediately. Rabbit pellets, the solid manure, IS safe to use right away. It has nearly ideal 30:1 C:N ratios and will not burn plants. However, most rabbit cages allow both manure and urine to collect together. That’s where the strong ammonia smell would come from (it’s not coming from the manure) and that’s where the C:N ratio would be so high that it would burn plants. There are some cage systems that separate out those two waste streams such that the poo can be used right away, and the urine is channeled off to be thinned out with water or something like woodchips. So it depends on how the bunnies are set up.
Robin, I’m intrigued with your comment that you have a lousy climate for composting. When set up correctly, climate doesn’t really matter. Folks are composting from Alaska to the high Colo Rockies to the deserts to Hawaii. If you’d like some ideas for how to start composting, I’m sure there’s a way to do it. Just sayin’……