Nope, different principle – HOWEVER!

If you want to use the square foot gardening, you absolutely can and with the rabbit poop you have, you can put that directly on the veggies without waiting for it to compost since it is considered to be ‘cold’ poop, versus poultry, horse, cow etc which is considered to be ‘hot’.

The rabbit poop will also enable you to build up fertility very quickly.

If you can, invest in some fish emulsion as well and use that to fertilize with – it stinks like the dickens but really works for heavy feeders.

I’m in 7b zone (if memory serves me).

Your county extension office should have some online info for you on what veggies to plant when.

I say this every year!

I want to garden, but really don’t know where to start! Our plans were recently to move, but we have just about changed our mind about that; we realized we’re stuck in that house for at least 3-6 years.

So now, it’s almost November. What should I do NOW to make gardening easy next year? I have never really been around a garden/farm so I need help to grow food as inexpensivey as I can!