I don’t do anything like once a month cooking

but I do try to do some time saving things. For example, if I buy a family pack of ground beef I’ll go ahead and brown it all and then divide it up into ziplock bags with about 2 lbs. in each bag.

I also like to cook enough so that we have leftovers for at least one other meal. This cuts cooking down to every 2-3 nights. If we’ve eaten on a meal twice and there are still plenty of leftovers, especially the meat we will freeze it. That gives us a bonus meal later that I don’t have to cook from “scratch”.

Don’t forget about breakfast for supper. There are times we’ll have biscuits, eggs and sausage or bacon. Pancakes or waffles and bacon or sausage are quick comfort foods as well.

I’ve meal panned on and off and on and off, and couldn’t seem to keep with it

We both work and we have a three year old, and I have a one hour each way commute, and now it’s dark when we get home…..so it’s hard to come home and cook every night (yeah yeah, I cook with crockpots, but that doesn’t work that well with out schedule because we are away from the house for so long, and. I’m a food safety nerd).

What I figured out two weeks ago,w as that simply having to take the half hour after we got home trying to figure out what dinner was going to be was the major stressor and was what caused us to throw in the towel and pick up dinner. So I took an old picture frame and put a piece of paper in the frame with the days of the week, then each Sunday I’ve written in whAtt will be for dinner each night of the week based in what we have in the house (I write on the glass with a dry erase marker so each weekend I can just wipe it off…a Pinterest idea that actually work!). The big difference is that it doesn’t mean We need a huge complicated meal….I have “brinner” listed for tomorrow, and tonight was pizza from a crust mix. But, knowing what it is supposed to be stops us from resorting to picking something up.