Personally, I look at the ads

keep track of what is in my freezer, and plan meals around sales/what I already have. I check out recipes and save them and sometimes look to them to buy food for them when I shop. And I do it by the week but I have been putting items on a calendar by the day so I remember to thaw stuff. This is a work in progress for me, being a working mother of four kids and with basically no eating out budget to speak of at this time.
On another note, we restarted the Dave Ramsey plan in October, and just paid off our first debt. Feels great to cross it off.

Along those same lines

I’m not good with meal planning. Good intentions and all that…. I’ve even looked into those “services” and honestly, those aren’t foods that we’d eat. Plus… we don’t really know how to cook!! So, I came up with the brilliant idea of us taking cooking classes, but there aren’t any that I could find near me, so I’m counting on YouTube to teach us. Sundays are our only days off together, so we are going to start learning how to cook one thing together and make a LOT of it and start stocking the freezer with it. After a month or two, we should be able to start leaning heavily on those meals throughout the week. So, I’m specifically gathering info on freezer meals, OAMC, etc. Eventually, we’ll be able to base our big weekly cooking on what’s on sale, but for now, we’re concentrating on gathering supplies and learning and having fun.

It really depends on your preference

Some people prefer knowing if it’s Sunday it will be meatloaf.
Others prefer to check the grocery sales ads for the week to see what is on sale, then sit down and build their menu for the week from the sales items.
Another thing I might suggest to you, since it’s you doing all the cooking is invest in a small crockpot, one with a lift out pot that can go in the dishwasher for quick clean-up to leave meals cooking while you are at work. These should be on sale like crazy this time of year.
I’d also suggest that maybe you spend one day a week doing make ahead meals that you could just re-heat quickly when you get home.
There are all sorts of cookbooks and websites that could give you ideas on this. Plus all of us could help you work out quick fix meals from just some basic cooking. First thing we would need to know is what won’t you eat? Seriously, there is no sense in us giving your recipes that say call for broccoli if you loathe broccoli (as my dh does).