We have the same saying about our weather

about waiting 5 minutes if you don’t like the weather.. We are known here in south Louisiana to use a/c in the day time and heat at night at certain times of the year. Our weather is rainy this morning as a front moves through. Normally I love the rain, except today we have a funeral at church and I am taking a big pan of mac and cheese for the reception afterwards. I am hoping the rain slacks up or quits by the time we have to leave.

We use wood chips and shredded newspaper in her cage

I can dump it all in a bucket to brew for as long as necessary. We used to use hay, but ran out and have just been buying the bags of wood as needed. It’s not cheap, so I just sprinkle the bottom of her tray with it and fill it with (free) newspaper shreddings once a week.

I think I’ve found the spot for my next try. It’s on the west side of my garage, not very shaded, easy to get to. The water hose also reaches there. It’s almost impossible to get a lawn mower to it, so it’s very weedy and nasty looking. Would this be a good spot? Another reason I think it would be good is because it’s not on the main part of the yard and the dogs don’t go there. Anywhere else and we’d have to fence it off. We might have to block the entrance, since they can’t seem to resist digging in a nice cleared spot!

And if this is the spot, do I just smoosh the weeds down, then start putting wet newspaper on it? I don’t have much “green waste” except coffee grounds, which doesn’t go far!! I can start getting coffee grounds from work, if that helps. But I can get all the brown waste I think I’d need. I don’t want to make things too complicated. I’m already overwhelmed!!!!